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ViewSonic KU520 Mechanical Keyboard

₨ 5,100.00 ₨ 5,100.00 5100.0 NPR

₨ 5,100.00

ViewSonic KU520 Mechanical Keyboard

ViewSonic mechanical keyboard Game commonly used in the eight keys (four arrow keys and ASDW key) color highlighting to facilitate identification to improve the reaction speed to avoid mistaken Four corners of the 2.5D package edge beautiful and solid Fit the fingertips of the arc design, ladder-style button layout, feel comfortable Four-way keys and ASDW keys are free to switch play games more smoothly fn + w switchFrequent finger contact, keycap font easy to wear and tear with the time gradually blurred, this paragraph with two-color injection keycap cap, do not fade, can extend the service lifeThe keyboard can achieve two kinds of light effect switch, 4 file brightness adjustmentFN + PS (or INS) button to switch to always bright (constant brightness) and respiration mode Switch light effectIncrease brightnessncrease brightness Reduce brightnessTurn off the lights Suspension button five core wire 1.6m full button no red Two-color injection keycapMetal panel FN + HM


₨ 5,100.00 ₨ 5,100.00 5100.0 NPR

₨ 5,100.00

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    • Loop backlitBuilt-in multi-function combination of keys to make your friends outside the game a key entertainmentInternally and externally, watch the same, ViewSonic mechanical keyboard using high-quality mechanical pumpingGreen axisBlack axisOperation type: paragraph sense, click sound

    • Trigger pressure: 60g
      Trigger stroke: 2.0 ± 0.6mm

    • operation stroke: 4mmGreen axis is the mechanical keyboard on behalf of the axis, regardless of paragraph sense of percussion sound, mechanical sense are very strong type of body type, the sound is large, sound crisp, strong sense of typing rhythm, suitable for typing office entertainment more Take into account the game performance.Play the game is suitable for the shaft, the black straight up straight, no sense of paragraph, the sound is small, with the green axis in sharp contrast, starting fast, powerful rebound, the choice of gamers.Operation Type: Linear

    • Trigger pressure: 80g

    • Trigger stroke: 2.0 ± 0.6mm

    • Operation stroke: 4mmEach key of the mechanical keyboard has a separate Switch to control the closure, also known as the "axis". It is because each key is composed of a separate micro-action, so a strong sense of key paragraphs, resulting in a special feel for the game entertainment.

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